This list has made me thousands of dollars: Learn how to find undervalued sneakers & flip them for big profits!

I have used this list to make thousands of dollars flipping undervalued sneakers online.

I no longer waste time chasing hyped new release sneakers like every other reseller. If you don't have a $3,000 bot and the tech savvy to use it, chances are you will rarely be able to buy the next Nike x Travis Scott sneaker. And that's ok. There are many ways to make money flipping sneakers. I will teach you the easiest method to make big profits that anyone can do!

This course is for the Non - IT people! 

The method I am about to tell you about does not require any fancy software, expert knowledge or the need for you to wait in line (online or offline).

It's so simple: Source sneakers, list for sale, ship, get paid & repeat!  

You can start with as little as $50 or use a credit card to cop your first sneakers to flip!

You Will Learn 

✅ How to sell your shoes quickly

✅ Where to find shoe inventory that sells 

✅ How to determine if a shoe is worth flipping 

✅ How to price your shoes for maximum profit 

✅ How to get huge discounts on shoes (below retail price) 

Sneaker inventory is endless if you know where & how to look 

Shoe manufacturers release 100s of sneakers per year. Most are crap, only a few per month are hyped up by the sneaker media and draw all the attention of resellers & collectors.  

While they fight over a limited amount of new releases another batch of dope sneakers sit on the shelfs. If hyped up by the sneaker blogs, they wouldn't be sitting on the shelf deeply discounted. Those are what we are after.

“I have a hundred pairs on the regular, you always have to have a hundred.” - Benjamin Kickz
A steady flow of inventory = consistent profits

Sourcing inventory is made simple with my list & method. The list contains name brand sneakers like Nike air max, adidas boost, Air jordan sneakers for up to 75% off. These same shoes sell for retail prices or more on Ebay, Stockx, Grailed and many other resale platforms. 

We give you the tools to run your business 

⬇️ Easy to use Custom Google Docs to make running your business easier ⬇️

What you get
  1. My mega list of every online sneaker retailer with a quick link to their (often hidden) online clearance rack. Over 100 sources!

  2. Google sheet docs to research, track flips & manage your business. 

  3. Explainer video of how to use all the tools include & how I find & take advantage of flip opportunities.  

  4. Bonus: My mega list of resources (PDF) for resellers: This includes tips, tricks & tools I use everyday to further discount my purchases & maximize profits.

  5. Exclusive access to my private sneaker deals email newsletter where I send out weekly flip opportunities & tips how to flip more sneakers for more profit.

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Access this exclusive offer now. Easily source your sneaker inventory at the comfort of your home.  Make more flips. Make more money. 

✅ My mega list of every online sneaker retailers hidden sales page

✅ Google sheet docs research, track flips & manage your business

✅ Explainer video How I find deals 

✅ Bonus: My mega list of resources (PDF) for resellers

✅ Exclusive access to my private sneaker deals email newsletter

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